Newsletter Updates for the Week of November 17th, 2014

jerry with sign

Welcome from Haywood Street  Thank you, Jerry, for coming early every Wednesday to put out the overflow parking signs! We have outgrown our parking lot on Wednesdays so we are grateful to Citizens Fuel Co. for offering overflow parking across the street in their gravel lot, and grateful to Jerry for fulfilling this important role, […]

Wedding Homily from the Celebration of Marriage of Donna and Ronald, 11/19/14

You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, and When Harry Met Sally, three of our favorite movies about partnership.  And like all silver screen storylines, they share a narrative structure: set-up and turning point, confrontation and climax, conflict and resolution. Nora Ephron, who wrote our three favorite romantic comedies, was asked what she had figured out about […]

Chef’s Blog and Menu for November 19

Chef’s notes from THE DOWNTOWN WELCOME TABLE The Meatloaf of last week was very popular among the crowds that gathered, so much so till every mouthful was consumed with joy, there were simply none left, this week however The Downtown Welcome Table host Chefs at the Downtown and visiting restaurant’s Cucina 24 and Bull and […]

Newsletter Updates for the Week of November 10th, 2014

ryan planning meeting

Welcome from Haywood Street Ryan Roegner, from Boy Scout Troop 91, has chosen Haywood St. as the site for his Eagle Scout project. With help and support from our own garden team, Ryan and other boys from the Troop will be installing a wheelchair ramp near the prayer wall so that more folks can enjoy […]