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  1. Jason Dills says:

    I have a step son & future daughter n law.that is in desperate need of help with Shelter. They live in the Asheville community. He has some job skills, but no liscense or transportation. He has electrical, carpentry, and painting skills. Both are willing to work. They are being evicted from a room they were renting for this month only in 3 days. My wife & I have extinguished all we can afford to keep them with some food. Our only communication is thru a cell phone my daughter has provided ( 828-231-5527 )

    They will be on the streets very soon. There is more to the story, but bottom line is they need help. Out of options.
    PAS 828- 302-8642 cell

    • Jason, we will reach out to your family members. We would love to have them join us foir lunch and/or worship on Wednesdays. We also have a Clothing Closet where they could take clothing, blankets, etc. as they need.

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