Love & Fishes Bountiful Garden


Join us Saturday, March 21st from 9 am -12 pm for the first garden workday of the year! 

We hope to have a lot of participation on March 21st and look forward to having a core group of companions who can take care of the garden. Depending on the participation we have will depend on how often we will have garden workdays! Stay tuned for updates on that.

The ‘Love and Fishes Bountiful Garden’ is a sacred space where folks come together for a common purpose — to make fresh, organic produce available to our community and those visiting Haywood Street who have limited access to fresh produce.

Barriers that commonly divide people from different  backgrounds or with different  life circumstances  disappear when they work side by side in the garden.  Strangers quickly become friends.  It is in these unlikely friendships that we catch glimpses of God’s kingdom!

Guiding Values for Haywood Street’s Garden Ministry

  • The Garden will be a welcoming entry point for individuals and groups wishing to get involved at Haywood St.
  • Relationships matter more than efficiency or production.
  • The gifts, knowledge and experience that each person brings to their work in the garden will be valued.
  • We will prioritize using organic and sustainable methods that honor the land, the dirt and the harvest as good gifts from God to be loved and cared for — but not at the expense of any of the above named values.

To volunteer in the garden or other ministries of Haywood Street Congregation, please contact Emily Bentley at





  1. Del Ketcham says:

    Great to see a community garden at the Haywood St Church. We are going to be moving to Asheville soon and hope to get involved. We will be in Asheville the second week in October and will drop by and hopefully worship with you on October 8. Love, Del K


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