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Haywood Street Respite is a safe place for up to eight homeless adults at a time to rest, get three meals a day, and be helped in other ways to “get back on their feet” following discharge from the hospital. It is short-term care in a home-like setting for folks who are too ill or frail to recover on the streets after surgery or acute illness.

We welcomed our first Friend to Respite in January 2014 and since then have had the privilege to be in community with more than 300 others. As with all other Haywood Street ministries, relationships are a source of transformation, restoration and healing in the Respite.

Ways to Volunteer and Get Involved – If you are interested in volunteering in Respite, please attend a “companion” orientation first (upcoming orientation dates listed in column to the right).

We also need your help in providing supper for our friends in Respite any night of the week, but especially on Friday evenings. Please call Respite at 828-575-2477, ext 102 to get on the schedule.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Platz, RN – HSR Program Manager at michael@haywoodstreet.org or 828-575-2477 ext. 102



  1. Ever grateful for my stay at Respite. Thank you all for caring

  2. Stephanie Sulzman says:

    Yesterday my cellphone was stolen from downtown asheville while I was eating. I used the find my iPhone app and it zeroed in on the respite. Griff was in charge, and he went above and beyond to help me find it. He dedicated a few hours of his time to help while my husband and I searched for it, while still making sure the residents were safe and cared for. He ended up finding my phone in the clothing donation box. I cannot express enough gratitude toward this very giving and helpful man. It is no wonder he is dedicated to helping others in need. Even the residents were empathetic and helpful, when they clearly had their own problems to worry about. I know it is just a phone, but it had 8000 photos i had not backed up, including video and photos of my brother who recently passed away. I would have been devastated to lose those forever. Even though the phone had been smashed I was able to retrieve the contents when I got home. Thanks to the kindness of Griff (Dave) and everyone else at the respite, I still have my photos full of memories! Thank you! This was my first experience with the respite and I plan on making it a place I will donate to when i have extra to give.

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