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Welcome from Haywood Street:

The Inaugural ‘A Seat a the Table’ event was a success! Click HERE to read the review and view photos.

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> Haywood Street Respite has a community meal for anyone who has ever spent time there. This meal is shared every Saturday at 12:00.

> The Garden Kickoff Party is almost here!  Click for more information.

> “Blood of the Martyrs” – Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs;  May 10, 2017

A Haywood Reflection from Cappy:

Annie Weatherly – A Woman with Big Heart

There’s a familiar saying
coined many years ago by Lucille Ball that fits HSC companion, Annie Weatherly, perfectly:

“If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.  The more things you do, the more you can do.”

Here’s an example of a typical week for Annie.  She’s a regular dining room server at the Welcome Table on Wednesdays and Sundays.  She arrives early and stays late, making sure tables are cleared, chairs are stacked and the floor is mopped.  On Thursdays she comes on her own to clean and fill all the condiment bottles that go on the tables.

Midweek she checks in with Dave Holland in the kitchen to see what food he has in the walk-in cooler, freezer and pantry, creating her weekly menu to prepare, deliver and serve upstairs at the Respite Covenant lunch every Saturday.  It’s a special time when past guests at Respite are invited to come gather together for a meal and conversation.  Annie makes sure there’s plenty of food with a selection of tasty homemade entrees, side dishes, salads and dessert.

She’s part of the planning and coordinating committee for the upcoming Garden Party on Sunday, May 21st, arranging to pick up and deliver six portable tents on loan for the festivities, along with bringing an array of cookies, pastries and other treats donated by local grocers.  Annie has visited each business, introducing herself, sharing news about HSC and the garden.   In-between these stops, she has helped secure donations and deliveries of topsoil and mulch for the garden.

Annie has a knack for connecting people, whether it’s someone needing a bed for their child, arranging to pick up a dining room table, or hearing that someone has some lovely framed prints to give away.  She makes countless connections, bringing furniture and household goods to those in need – always with a smile and a compassionate heart.  If someone is on the lookout for a specific item, just ask Annie; she undoubtedly will be there to help!

“Discovering and getting involved with Haywood Street at the beginning of the year has given me new purpose in life,” Annie explains, “In 2013 I retired from teaching English for 20 years at Erwin High School.  I’ve kept busy with my family here in town and caring for my sister who recently died of cancer,  but something in my heart nudged me to be doing more for others.  A notice in the Mountain Xpress led me to a companion orientation, and I knew instantly that this was the place to be.  I am surrounded by people with the most beautiful and giving hearts – where I am looking at the eyes of God through others.  I now feel useful and fulfilled.  Haywood Street has a way of doing that – opening the door to all of us on this journey together.  We’re home!”

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