Newsletter Updates for the Week of June 26, 2017

Welcome from Haywood Street:

You can read about our huge gift from long time Haywood Street partner, Wicked Weed, HERE!

We also give thanks to the amazing chefs of Curate and Nightbell, who prepared an inspiring, Spanish-style meal on Wednesday.

Find more pictures and stories from our congregation here.


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> A reminder to companions: Due to July 4th being on a Tuesday this year, we will do food prep for Wednesday’s meal on Monday, July 3rd in the afternoon. The church will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th.

> Do you know about our “Chefs at Downtown Welcome Table” Facebook Page? Click “Like” to follow along and see what exciting things our partner restaurants are up to!

> Due to the holiday, Journey Group will be cancelled on July 4, but will resume on July 11.

> “The Faithfulness of Unkowing” – Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 6/28/17

A Haywood Reflection from Maureen:

I often tell the story of when I first came to Haywood Street, came to “volunteer” 2 years ago, September…the idea was to take photos and write stories with a friend of mine….great agenda! Actually, I was working out my own demons, a brother who had died an alcoholic, killed himself, and a cousin who died on “skid row”, along with many other losses.  I remember wondering what someone at a place like Haywood Street could have said or done for either one of them that they would have heard, something to have them choose life.  I no longer wonder.  It’s almost as if I was healed through my giving and growing at Haywood Street.

I met Ann Merrit and she was too kind, said she would welcome the help, showed me what she did and I began my journey of self discovery….I don’t know how long it was before she turned to me and said…I’m gonna take some time off”..and she never returned to take photos after that….well deserved, Ann!  I kid her about when she is coming back!

I am honored to be at Haywood Street, I take photos each week, and give them to the people at the following week…it’s a great gig.  I would like to reflect on how it has enriched my life…maybe even without crying….I look forward to each week…I started out very shy, the challenge was to force myself to approach people, ask them if they wanted their photo taken..a common issue with photographers…It’s quite a difference now…I am lucky to have the privilege of people trusting me with their image…and asking for me to take their photos.  I never dreamt that this would happen…and beyond.  I have made so many friends here, at Haywood, and I could hug you all..LOL…and do!  I love hearing the stories and working with people at Haywood Street…I have learned a lot about myself, Haywood is a safe place for me, that is, safe to be myself and try new things.  There is always someone I can find to talk with and always someone there to kid!

I don’t consider myself religious, partly cause I never studied the Bible, went to Bible school to get out of school on Wednesday afternoons like my Catholic classmates…I went to church, sang in the choir, attended Sunday school…United Church of Christ.  I remember the minister talking about the beautiful world and all the lovely flowers..and the music, always loved the music.   The thing is, at Haywood Street, I feel like everyone is welcome, to come as you are, to be who you are, to share who you are…and that’s not bad!

Thank you for the love I feel each are my family…Hugs! always hugs!


For more stories and pictures from our congregation, click here.


  1. Ann Merritt says:

    Beautiful reflection, Maureen, and thanks for the kind words. You have certainly earned your reputation as “photographer in residence” at HSC, and when I do come back, it will not be as photographer — I plan to take a back seat to your expertise! I am just thankful you “got it” with the photography gig, and that you are still finding it as meaningful as I did. I love the way you have “bloomed” since I first met you! And btw, you have a rosy future not only with your photography, but also with your writing and your speaking! Wishing you God’s sweetest blessings…

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