Newsletter Updates for the Week of June 5, 2017








Welcome from Haywood Street:

This week we were blessed with another amazing youth
choir–the Impact Singers from Winter Park, Florida!

We continue to enjoy our visiting campers. Keep an eye out
for ice cream in the park most Monday afternoons!

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> Click HERE for Haywood Street Congregation parking options.

> Haywood Street partner restaurant, Wicked Weed Brewing, created a beautiful video from their visit a couple of weeks ago. It can be viewed HERE.

> Community Journey group is offered every Tuesday at 11 a.m. in the Sanctuary. All are welcome to attend.

> “Identity Matters” – Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 6/7/17

A Haywood Reflection from Joe:

I’ve been living in Asheville since May of 2009, and periodically heard good words about the services that were taking place at the Haywood Congregation, although I’ve never been on-site to observe for myself, until May 27th.  I’m a volunteer at the Men’s Garden Club and was involved in our annual sale of flowers to raise money for our organization and the garden projects that we support. This year’s annual garden sales generated less income, because of a heavy rain storm on our sale day.  The low sales resulted in several trays of unsold zinnia flowers.

Our club desires to get every flower we have nurtured into the ground where they could be viewed and enjoyed.  The Haywood Congregation came to my mind because I had heard positive comments at a Community Garden gathering about the work that’s done by Steven at the Haywood Congregation.  I trusted that I could just show up with a tray of flowers and they would be accepted, and a home in the dirt could be defined where they could reside for this growing season.  That idea turned out to be a fact immediately after my arrival and meeting eye to eye with Steven.

I did not expect, but received from Steven, an orientation to the entire facility.  As we walked about the property I was moved by all the hands that contributed to each piece of the Haywood Congregation service organization.  Every nook and cranny seemed purposeful, ready, and welcoming.  I was encouraged and humbled by the approachability of each person I met during our walk on the site.  It seemed to me that Steven knows most of the individuals, and he made an extra welcoming gesture for those who were new to him.

I felt the encompassing warm welcome my entire time walking with Steven, and later when I was planting the Men’s Garden Club donated flowers into one of the Haywood gardens.  I’m hopeful that each zinnia will bloom fully, live a long life, and bring smiles to the many eyes that move about the Haywood Congregation’s estate each week.



For more stories and pictures from our congregation, click here.

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