Newsletter Updates for the Week of July 10, 2017






A warm thank you to SAS for their generous donation to th
e Haywood Street Clothing Closet.






1. Click HERE for Haywood Street Congregation parking options.

2. Please contact Emily ( if you are able to help with meal cleanup or the clothing closet. Thank you!

3. The Respite Covenant Meal will now be held the first Saturday of every month at 12:00.

4. Sunday, July 23: mid-season Tomato Fest in the Haywood Street garden. Come help us celebrate the bounty!

5. A reminder that we have switched to three seatings on Sundays. Companion circle up begins at 3:30 and the first seating begins at 3:45.




I’m not a fan of the word, or concept, “church,” and haven’t been for many years.  It sounds judgmental, but who wants to be associated with something so far off the mark of what Jesus instructed us to do and be?  Not to mention the recent political  connections…

I mean, the homeless preacher hanging out with the downtrodden might have been unhappy with the ecclesiastical stained glass, bad budgets, and gold chalices, lovely as they are.  Hypocritical as I know this to be,  I can’t do it.

Then I stumbled into Haywood Street.  Having been a member of Jubilee for decades, I get “community.”  I just didn’t quite get “community CHURCH,” (not to mention Methodist,) in the truest sense of the word, until I broke bread with 250 diverse individuals who came together to eat, make noise, and take a stab at “doing church” this week in downtown Asheville.

Haywood Street is community, chaos, customs, and the sacred – all under one roof. As a recovering Episcopalian, I still struggle with informal worship, but I left the service Wednesday knowing I had walked on holy ground.  That, in itself, is no small gift.


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