About Us

Brian always listens intently.

Diversity in Asheville is multidimensional. As significant as racial and ethnic diversity is, there is a stark contrast between wealth and poverty that exists in the downtown community.

The Haywood Street Congregation seeks to be a place of welcome to all.  It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you look like, what your sexual orientation is, whether you have a home or not, or whether you are rich or poor.  We eat together, work together, worship together.  We are family.  Please join us!


Haywood Street Core Values

Love, Service, Authenticity, Self- respect (worth), Relationships (friendship),
Stability, Contribution, Cooperation, Welcome all


To promote transformation through relationship by creating opportunities to serve and be served, so that each person is empowered to claim their identity as a child of God.


Whose child are you?  God’s child!