News from the Garden, 5/31/17

Hello Fellow Haywood Gardeners, What a wet spring! But the garden loves it. It seems like every day the zucchini and summer squash grow by leaps and bounds. Last Sunday we tied and suckered tomatoes, added more supers (the wood boxes for our beehives). We also bagged up gave away lettuce and kale. Some of […]

Derrick Baker

Derrick wants to talk about the offering. It’s been on his mind. He tells me about his old Friday night routine; how he would take long walks downtown, collecting other’s lost pennies along the way. Come Sunday, whatever he had collected, he’d offer it to the collection. “It felt so good to give, I eventually changed the […]

News from the Garden, 5/27/17

Updates from Steve, HSC Garden Lead: –The vegetables have been sprayed with an organic biopesticide called Serenade. It contains a bacterium, Bacillius subtilis, that penetrates and destroys pathological fungi and bacteria that love this damp weather we are having. It is totally safe for humans, other animals, and beneficial insects. I also sprayed with a natural […]

Newsletter Updates for the Week of: May 22, 2017

              Welcome from Haywood Street: Squash and zucchini and lettuce, oh my! The garden continues to flourish… It has been a wonderful few days of the ‘Ministry With’ workshop. So much gratitude for our visitors and everyone involved.     Find more pictures and stories from our congregation here. Updates: > Click HERE for Haywood […]