Haywood Street Respite

Health Care Professionals- Click Here for Referral Process Haywood Street Respite is a safe place for up to eight homeless adults at a time to rest, get three meals a day, and be helped in other ways to “get back on their feet” following discharge from the hospital. It is short-term care in a home-like […]

Love & Fishes Bountiful Garden

The ‘Love & Fishes Bountiful Garden’ is a sacred space where folks come together for a common purpose — to make fresh, organic produce available to our community and those visiting Haywood Street who have limited access to fresh produce. Barriers that commonly divide people from different  backgrounds or with different  life circumstances  disappear when they […]

Worship – Wednesdays and Sundays

Before God, we are all children, infants crawling about in desperate search of sobriety in the throws of addiction, lucidity in the pangs of mania, selflessness in the culture of selfishness, life in the midst of death.   Worship is the place where we drag all of that to the altar to encounter the living […]

Downtown Welcome Table

The Downtown Welcome Table rests on the assumption that food is a primary means of grace, a way to love and connect. Lunch is served every Wednesday and dinner every Sunday to hundreds of downtown siblings, a homemade meal served by a wait staff on abundant plates. Never intending to be a soup kitchen or […]