Newsletter Updates for the Week of June 5, 2017

              Welcome from Haywood Street: This week we were blessed with another amazing youth choir–the Impact Singers from Winter Park, Florida! We continue to enjoy our visiting campers. Keep an eye out for ice cream in the park most Monday afternoons! Find more pictures and stories from our congregation here. […]

“A Welcoming Table”

The Welcoming Table conference at Haywood St. last week was packed with invigorating discussions and Holy moments — like the Thursday night dinner when Gabe invited participants into a conversation about “the main thing,” which he offered is:  LOVE. Thanks to all who came to experience the Haywood St. ministry; to Dave and Wayne for […]

News from the Garden, 5/31/17

Hello Fellow Haywood Gardeners, What a wet spring! But the garden loves it. It seems like every day the zucchini and summer squash grow by leaps and bounds. Last Sunday we tied and suckered tomatoes, added more supers (the wood boxes for our beehives). We also bagged up gave away lettuce and kale. Some of […]

News from the Garden, 5/27/17

Updates from Steve, HSC Garden Lead: –The vegetables have been sprayed with an organic biopesticide called Serenade. It contains a bacterium, Bacillius subtilis, that penetrates and destroys pathological fungi and bacteria that love this damp weather we are having. It is totally safe for humans, other animals, and beneficial insects. I also sprayed with a natural […]