The Banquet

Linda McCracken, Haywood Street Companion, reflects on her experience at Haywood Street Congregation and the parable of the banquet (Luke 15: 4-7 and Luke 14: 16-24 and Matthew 22: 2-14). “God is the comic shepherd who gets more of a kick out of that one lost sheep once he finds it again than out of […]

First Annual Luau Lunch Video


It’s Luau Time! We had our First Annual Luau at Haywood Street this past Wednesday at lunch. It’s always a friendly, loving place with really great food. Check out the video, with a note from one of our founding mothers, Amy Gaston and Mrs. Mary, one of our main cooks. Do You Want to Join […]

“Come on In” by Angelia Frank

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“Home” by Angelia Frank

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