“Left Behind” – Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 5/24/17

There must have been a lot of standing around in silence, the disciples staring up at the sky as Jesus levitated away, his shining face veiled by the clouds, his pierced side obscured by the tree tops, the bottom of his worn sandals disappearing into the ether. The modern Church, regrettably, has stood around silent […]

“The Way, the Truth and the Life” – Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 5/17/17

If you have a red-letter edition of the Bible, then you know the longest section in the entire New Testament comes between chapters 12 -18 of John’s Gospel.  Five straight chapters of Jesus talking almost without interruption.  After his public ministry ends and his passion begins, Jesus has a lot to say in this farewell […]

“Blood of the Martyrs” – Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 5/10/17

Stephen was not one of the original twelve. When Judas needed to be replaced, he wasn’t on the short list.  Instead, he was a secondary apostle relegated to the food pantry, to hand out cans of soup and throw away piles of moldy bread.  He was the guy charged with handling all the quiet delegated […]

“Presence Over Provision” – Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 5/3/17

The analogies for God are many.  God is creator, painting every empty canvas with brushstrokes of beauty, the heavenly potter fashioning all that’s out of sort back into shape.  God is parent, pacing by the window with the porch light on until we drag our prodigal selves home expecting eternal punishment and receiving nothing less […]