The Healing of Naaman — Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 7/26/17

The tweed sports coat replaced the wool tunic and the polished penny loafer replaced the worn sandal.  The public celebration of perfection replaced the private confession of wrong.  The praise song replaced the hymn of lament, and, over the centuries, a country club for members pretending to be healthy replaced a Church for people who […]

“Hiding in Plain Sight” — Rev. Brian Combs, 7/19/17

Religious tourism is up over 150%.  More and more travelers are leaving home to find meaning abroad.  Chanting with the monks in Thailand; breathing with the Sufis in India; seeking counsel with the shaman in Peru; pilgrimaging with the seekers in Ireland.  To encounter the holy, a suitcase, plane ticket and stamped passport are going […]

“Thrown Overboard” — Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 7/5/17

It’s easy to dismiss Peter for how often he screws-up.  He claims to be pure, saying nothing dirty has ever touched my tongue. He hushes Jesus, stop all your talk about wooden crosses and shallow graves.  He ignores the Prince of Peace, pulling out his sword and cutting off a servant’s ear.  He denies being […]

“The Faithfulness of Unknowing” — Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 6/28/17

Today’s text is omitted from most Sunday school curriculums and avoided by even more preachers and biblical scholars.  Father Abraham is called to kill his beloved son, and it was God’s idea.  In the history of religion, no story is more barbaric. Yet, Judaism, Islam and Christianity all claim to be descendants of this one […]