“The Long Way Home” – Sermon by Pastor Mark Siler, 3/15/17


The Long Way Home    John 4:1-27 John’s Gospel has been described as more like a whirlpool than a path.  While the other three gospels more or less follow a timeline, John’s Gospel feels more like swirling Holy Chaos.  Sound familiar? Jesus is jumping around all over the place. And yet, like a whirlpool, John’s Gospel […]

“Identity Theft” – Sermon by Pastor Mark Siler, 3/1/17


Identity Theft           Matthew 4:1-11 If you are like me, you did not grow up with the tradition of Ash Wednesday and Lent, the 40 days of preparation for Easter. The richness of the liturgical calendar and these ancient Christian practices have often been abandoned by Protestants for fear of being too Catholic. I have a […]

“Led by the Light” – Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 2/22/17


Epiphany began with a star high in the East above Bethlehem and concludes with Jesus’ megawatt brilliance on the mountaintop. But in this season of light between Christmas and today, the focus is almost always on the manger and the mother, John’s preaching in the wilderness and Jesus’ baptism. While overlooked and often forgotten, this […]

“Christian Perfection” – Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 2/15/17


Jesus had already preached to his disciples: reconcile every relationship before returning to bow at the altar; settle every dispute out of court; speak every word as truth without swearing an oath; avoid lust in your heart because it’s the same as committing adultery in your bed; beware of anger because it only leads to […]