“Feel The Burn” – Sermon by Pastor Mark Siler, 4/26/17

Feel The Burn    John 24:13-35 Amidst all of our Easter Hallelujahs and Resurrection Rejoicing, it’s easy to forget that those first Easter days for Jesus’ followers were far from celebratory.  We are reminded with our text today that they were filled with the worst kind of defeat, of devastation, of destroyed dreams.  And while it […]

“Talking Back to Our Fears” – Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 4/19/17

After the execution of Jesus, the disciples figured they would be next. So they scurried into an upper room where they extinguished the candles and pulled the curtains and locked the door to hide in the dark and hold their breath. But then they were found out. Not by the authorities, but by the One […]

“Confrontation at the Grave” — Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 4/5/17

The canvas tent has been stood at attention beside the burial vault and the plastic folding chairs organized into rows.  The green AstroTurf is rolled out like a manicured lawn and the pile of dirt is waiting for its return to the earth.  The gravediggers lean against the backhoe, quietly eager to fill the six-foot […]

“The Long Way Home” – Sermon by Pastor Mark Siler, 3/15/17

The Long Way Home    John 4:1-27 John’s Gospel has been described as more like a whirlpool than a path.  While the other three gospels more or less follow a timeline, John’s Gospel feels more like swirling Holy Chaos.  Sound familiar? Jesus is jumping around all over the place. And yet, like a whirlpool, John’s Gospel […]