Lesley Gaspar baptized yesterday at HSC


A highlight of yesterday’s worship at HSC was the baptism of Lesley Gaspar. While Brian proclaimed the blessing and Erik poured the baptismal waters, members of the congregation joined in the laying on of hands (both a symbolic and formalĀ method of invoking the Holy Spirit) in prayerful support of Lesley. It was indeed a special […]

Meet Joel…


Meet Joel, one of our faithful Companions in the dining room. He and Pete work hard to make sure the drinks keep flowing during lunch. Joel, who has memorized impressive amounts of Scripture, usually shares a few verses with us, from memory, during prayer time before the Companions’ work day gets underway on Wednesdays. Thanks, […]

Ralph showing off his new look


Ralph asked for a photo of his new look (dyed his hair and beard)! We are enjoying getting to know him and Sherry better recently. They met at work and have been married 14 years. Frank, from Rock Hill, SC, has worked doing cleaning andĀ is now a sign-hanger, and Sherry, from Asheville, has worked as […]

An invitation to worship


Here Brian shares with diners a nibble of what his sermon will be about, and extends an invitation for all who wish to come upstairs to the sanctuary for the worship service later (12:30 p.m. on Wednesdays). Unlike so many places that require attendance at worship before the meal, attendance is purely voluntary at HSC. […]