What does Holy Chaos mean to you? We asked our companion, Maggie, and this is what she had to say about Holy Chaos and The Downtown Welcome Table: People say its the highlight of their week. The chaos is all the people, the food, acupuncture is going on upstairs, haircuts, sometimes jewelry making–a lot of […]


Meredith rotated resized

What does Holy Chaos mean to you? Meredith, a new companion at the Downtown Welcome Table, had this to say: Holy chaos means come as you are. It’s a nonjudgmental atmosphere, and that’s what its felt like every time I’ve come here. You don’t know what you’re going to see or experience and that’s the […]


amy gaston

What does Holy Chaos mean to you? Here’s what Amy, co-founder of the Downtown Welcome Table, has to say: When I think of holy chaos I think of this room being full of people, all kinds of people, everyone coming in with different needs, and it’s just amazing that you can bring food to someone […]

Barbara and Ronnie

barbara ronnie

    So thankful that Ronnie bounced back so quickly from surgery last month…. just in time to celebrate Earth Day with Barbara! Here they are in their usual seats in the Hospitality Room at Haywood St.