Update on our friend Brian, homeless no more!


In high spirits when we saw him last week, our friend Brian Grant was rejoicing that he recently was approved for disability, now has an apartment, and has been able to pay off some long-standing debts. Brian is still affected by the severe brain injury he suffered in a wreck when he was 15, but says […]

Ahmed reports he is “doing better”


     A familiar face at HSC, Ahmed has quite a sense of humor. We never know what identity he will assume each week, always with a different name tag and usually with some wildly-framed glasses. You do see the resemblance to Gerald Ford here, don’t you?      Ahmed said he was born in […]

Asheville Christian Academy Choir shares in worship


Worship is always a very special happening at Haywood Street. Recently we were blessed with wonderful singing by the Asheville Christian Academy Choir. We appreciate their sharing their talents with us, and a special thanks to their director, Chris Aitken. We hope to hear them again soon!

Little Travis gets a trim


Patient endurance! That’s the message on little Travis’ face as he waits for stylist Joanne to just get it over with!