Barbara Bates Smith

This Wednesday, a diverse group of folks came together for a very special Story Circle. In light of recent life events, Story Circle founder and facilitator, Barbara Bates Smith, has decided to make the big move to Washington DC — to be with her son and set sail on some new adventures. Terry Beamer led […]


He says I can call him “Fish.” Says, “I didn’t even know this garden was here. I would take these vegetables home, but the thing is Haywood is home.”

“A Welcoming Table”

The Welcoming Table conference at Haywood St. last week was packed with invigorating discussions and Holy moments — like the Thursday night dinner when Gabe invited participants into a conversation about “the main thing,” which he offered is:  LOVE. Thanks to all who came to experience the Haywood St. ministry; to Dave and Wayne for […]

Derrick Baker

Derrick wants to talk about the offering. It’s been on his mind. He tells me about his old Friday night routine; how he would take long walks downtown, collecting other’s lost pennies along the way. Come Sunday, whatever he had collected, he’d offer it to the collection. “It felt so good to give, I eventually changed the […]