Brian and Darryl, talented young pastors in action…


Haywood Street Congregation is so blessed by the talented young ministers who lead us each week! From baptizing an infant, holding a wedding bouquet, blessing goats and chickens, counseling a troubled friend, sweeping or mopping a floor, intervening in a tense situation, presiding over Communion, and much, much more, they never know just what a […]



       A woman with a varied background, both in experience and ethnicity, Jeanette helps with the tables every Wednesday. As a child she helped out at her grandmother’s side. Jeanette’s grandmother was a devoted child of God and Jeanette credits her grandmother with guiding Jeanette to be of service in the community and the […]

Robert and Hattie

robert and hattie

   We have Robert and Hattie to thank for the beautiful flowers in the sanctuary this week.  They worked together to make arrangements for Wednesday worship and also to place in Respite to help foster a peaceful and healing atmosphere.  Thank you!!

Children serving Communion during Wednesday’s worship

Edward, Annabel, Angel, and Oliver

Wednesday must have been children’s day at HSC! Laine, Little Josh, Annabel, and Oliver did a fine job of serving Communion. Thanks to Nicki and Angel for their guiding hands!