A whole lot of plantin’ going on!


There’s a whole lot of plantin’ going on! Our garden is fairly buzzing with activity this morning, as an abundance of volunteers are busy planting everything from trees and bulbs to chard and kale. What a prefect way to celebrate this gorgeous spring day in downtown Asheville! Thanks to ALL who turned out to help! […]

Kristina and Dennis – ‘before’ and ‘after’


Wednesday’s at HSC are always busy and crowded, with activities happening in every spare nook and cranny. A visitor can take part in the Story Circle, visit Haywood Outfitters or the prayer room, apply for food stamps, get legal help, have a pet groomed, get pet food, enjoy a delicious lunch, visit the garden, and attend worship, […]

Dancing in the aisles!


Worship at HSC is a sacred and joyful event. We still sing many of the old hymns and spirituals, but the service usually ends with a lively contemporary song that often gets the congregants on their feet and moving, sometimes even dancing in the aisles! Today Edward left the organ to dance with one-year-old Iona, who seemed to […]

Getting to know Bill


We enjoyed meeting and getting to know a new friend, Bill, recently. This was his first time attending HSC. He came to Asheville from Bakersville, and is staying at the mission. Bill is living proof that life on the streets can be difficult and very dangerous. Showing us his fresh scars, he told of being […]