The Odd Sock

odd sock

What a gift! Ted Stevenson and his wife Roberta from The ODD Sock Inc. drove all the way from Davidson NC to deliver 1,000 pairs of matched socks for our community this week.  We’ll be distributing them from God’s Outfitters for the next few months. The Odd Sock is an organization that (as the name […]

Asheville Humane Society offers resources to our community

humane society

At Haywood Street we understand that for so many people, pets are like family. Welcoming pets into our community is a big part of who we are. Asheville Humane Society partners with us and they donate dog and cat food to Haywood Street on a weekly basis! They also come every couple of months with more pet […]

Lilli Jean

Lilli Jean

Lilli Jean shared these poetic thoughts about what makes Haywood Street so special, in the context of Holy Chaos: Everything about Haywood Street is special. It’s probably the most special place ever. There is unbridled generosity, massive amounts of dignity, overwhelming grace, an attitude of gratitude coming from all directions and a hugely warm sense […]

J. V.


What does Holy Chaos mean to you? We love how JV put it:  It’s almost like, well, a riot–but for the right reason.