Need a haircut?


Our stylists, Joanne, Laurel, and Sharon were kept constantly busy on Wednesday, as they usually are! In fact, Sharon said they average between 30 and 40 cuts each week, so this is a very popular service. We could use a few more stylists, if you or anyone you know is interested in helping. This could […]

Last week’s Welcome Table…


We caught Kurt, Jimmy, and Alfredo just after they’d finished their meal. (Notice, those dessert plates are EMPTY!) From their happy smiles, it’s apparent they must have enjoyed themselves!

Lenten Reflection


It’s the season of Lent when we’re to focus more, pray harder, and lean closer into the Holy Spirit. I hardly ever visit Haywood Street Congregation without a Lenten experience, no matter what the season. About 11 o’clock Thursday, I came in out of nine-degree weather and sat a few minutes with two new friends […]

Amazing what you can do at HSC!


So many things you can do at Haywood Street! People food, pet food, spiritual food, clothing, shoes, hair cuts, story telling, Bible study, crafts classes, music, friendships, prayer, counseling, manicures, hand massages, beauty makeovers, acupuncture, and now blood pressure checks! Odell was among Amy’s first customers last week, but with her great smile and sweet spirit, […]