LOVE wins!


Today at HSC Barbara and Mary were wearing these neat and not-so-subtle reminders to get out and vote, either in the early voting period that goes through Saturday, or on Election Day Tuesday. We don’t know that “Love” is running for any specific office, but we do know that in other matters, LOVE WINS every […]

Four new Steven Ministers commissioned during Wednesday worship

Steven Ministry Commissioning

Four new Steven Ministers were commissioned during worship at HSC Wednesday. They are Holly Carpenter, Susan Schott, Ann Merritt, and George Pettus. The four received many weeks of special ‘geared-just-for-HSC’ training by Central UMC’s Rev. Julie Wilburn-Peeler and Cindy Oak and will dedicate their new skills to service at Haywood Street. Thanks to Avery Parker for […]

Update on our friend Brian, homeless no more!


In high spirits when we saw him last week, our friend Brian Grant was rejoicing that he recently was approved for disability, now has an apartment, and has been able to pay off some long-standing debts. Brian is still affected by the severe brain injury he suffered in a wreck when he was 15, but says […]

Ahmed reports he is “doing better”


     A familiar face at HSC, Ahmed has quite a sense of humor. We never know what identity he will assume each week, always with a different name tag and usually with some wildly-framed glasses. You do see the resemblance to Gerald Ford here, don’t you?      Ahmed said he was born in […]