This is our friend Zach (click for video) singing a very powerful and moving song he wrote about the Charleston shootings. The video was recorded during worship at Haywood Street Congregation (, Asheville, NC, on 7-1-15.

Community Church

phillip community church

Phillip faithfully serves in our dishroom most Wednesdays and sometimes comes by when things are quiet (as on this day when he took it upon himself to tidy and organize the server station) because this place is a source of strength for him. He grew up in this church and attended Sunday School and Boy […]

Brooks Howell Annual Spiritual Retreat


Article and photos from the Brooks Howell publication, Serendipitor — By Marcia Longknight                  Jody Halstead and Laura Kirby facilitated the discovery of our Place at the Table with gentle faithful knowledge gleaned from their experience of Welcome Table and Respite hospitality at Haywood Street Congregation. We were blessed with the presence […]

‘God-send’ — Rob’s word for Haywood Street Respite and a special doctor

rob emily cooper

Rob Sampson calls Haywood Street Respite a “God-send.” He knew to expect cancer. It’s not a good family history: Rob’s mother is a breast-cancer survivor. Rob had moved from Indiana to Asheville to be with his father and was working in day-labor. When his father developed cancer and was taken in by Rob’s stepsister, Rob […]