Mary is the central figure in the Haywood Street Fresco. Her life’s passion is caring for those in need. Miss Mary, as most everyone calls her, is loved and revered by the Haywood Street community.  This beautiful image taken from the Fresco adorns the front of our Honor Gift card. Inside, a message lets the recipient know that they are being honored by a gift to Haywood Street, which allows us to love and care for folks in our community in very practical ways.

For a donation of any amount, the recipient will receive this lovely card featuring Miss Mary’s image and a note inside letting them know who has honored them in this way.

For every donation of $100 or more, a copy of the short, beautiful fresco book will be included. This book follows Christopher Holt and his team of artists for nearly a year as they create their stunning masterpiece. It features 28 pages of color photography by John Warner, with text and design by Amy Manikowski and Amy Pryor.

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