As it is for all of you, COVID-19 is challenging us in many ways. The public health guidance runs counter to just about everything we stand for at Haywood Street. Our entire ministry is built around sitting close, sharing a meal, touching the very people society calls untouchable. And, like all of you, we’ve found ways to adapt.

We’ve gone from free hugs to free air hugs and are now distributing 1,500 “to-go” meals weekly from our parking lot. We are taking boxed meals to the temporary shelter in the Harrah’s Cherokee Center three times a week.

In April, Haywood Street Respite was modified to provide a temporary home for health-vulnerable unhoused individuals. Rather than wait until these individuals were sick, we invited them in to “stay home and stay safe” for the duration of our community’s recommended quarantine period. We have also re-established a pathway for unhoused individuals needing medical respite care to come directly to Respite from Mission Hospital, where they will be tested for COVID-19 before discharge.

Our clothing ministry is on hold and we have suspended in-person gatherings of all sizes within the building. We are now live-streaming Haywood Street sermons on our Youtube channel every Wednesday at 1:30 pm. To comment and see others’ comments in real-time, you will need to be logged in to Youtube.

We very much look forward to the day we can all be together again in person!

Please support our COVID-19 response and core programs as you are able.