Newsletter Updates for the Week of April 10, 2017

Welcome from Haywood Street: Thursday was a Hospitality Room workday. Thanks to those who participated in the cleaning, painting and moving all around! Find more pictures and stories from our congregation here.  Updates: > There are a few more spots open for the spring hike (April 27-30). See sign up sheet in the lobby. > Mark you […]


Meet Sunny. He says, “My real name is Floyd, but only the cops call me that.” Sunny tells me about his Baptism. The first one, that is. “Took me down to the mule pool,” he says. “Yep, dunked me three times. None of this one time business they’re up to now.” Sunny has stories for days. Thanks […]


I find Tim on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, watering the Haywood Street garden. He asks if I want to help care for what’s growing and I tell him that is a very bad idea. “Well, that’s alright. Maybe you can just put something in the ground and then we’ll take care of it.” Much better idea. […]

Newsletter Updates for the Week of April 3, 2017

            Welcome from Haywood Street: Tom tells us he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but we don’t believe him for a second. The grape trellises are coming along beautifully. Thanks to a generous donation by Brook Sheffield, owner of LOTUS Farm and Garden Supply, we now have twice the number of bees! […]