Laura Kirby

I have the great privilege of working as  Executive Director of the Haywood  Street Congregation, a role I began in 2013.  I was involved at Haywood Street Congregation for several years before that, first as a Clothing Closet volunteer and later as co-chair of the Board.  My background is in social work and public health, and I have worked in a variety of nonprofit settings.  In 2008 I began discerning a call to ministry that resulted in my being commissioned as a deaconess in the United Methodist Church.  A deaconess makes a lifetime commitment to ministries of justice, service and love and enters into a relationship with the UMC that involves accountability and support.  A deaconess remains a lay person (versus clergy) and typically works in a setting where professional skills and training can be utilized, often in cutting-edge ministries at the intersection of church and world.  I love the way that Haywood Street allows me to live into that identity!