Mark Siler

With the exception of a few years in the Washington DC area, I’ve lived my whole life in various cities across North Carolina. We (a spouse and two daughters) have been in Asheville since 2000. I love to make music, to be in the woods or the water, and take naps. Vocationally, I’m a bit of a Christian mutt. I was raised in the Baptist church, significantly formed by the Episcopal church and Church of the Savior as a young adult, and did my graduate theological studies in Catholic and Quaker institutions. Much of my ministry has been as a chaplain, most recently as a prison chaplain. I also have deep ties to churches in Cuba and support relationships between congregations there and here. I have discovered God most beyond the bubble of who and what I think I know and what I plan. For these and other reasons, Haywood Street is a great place for me to land. Thanks be!