Wake up call…

Grace & Peace, Y’all,  (be forewarned…I get a little “preachy” in this one) 🙂 Come cold, come rain, come gray skies…it cannot stop the warming embrace of our Creator from gathering us together on Wed! Even in the nasty weather, the line at 11:30 was out of the kitchen door!  Folks were standing in the […]

Question of the Week –May 25, 2011

Haywood Street’s Question of the Week. ~ May 25, 2011 ~ “What does Memorial Day mean to you?” NOTE:  Participants are asked to write their honest and anonymous response on a piece of paper and leave on the lunch table or put in the offering basket.  Answers below are typed exactly as they appear on […]


I was struggling with a heavy container of silverware, preparing for another Wednesday meal at Haywood Street, when the hand-made sign caught my eye. HOMELESS PLEASE HELP. My first thoughts were of sympathy for the person who must have accidentally left the one thing that might get them noticed on the side of the road. […]

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. prayer breakfast invocation

1/15/2011, Grove Park Inn “Beloved Community,” sisters of justice and brothers of grace, let us pray. Because of our contented vista on the mountaintop, our opulent altitude above the clouds O’ Lord, we so often pose before you brandishing the dull edges of complacency, lauding the laurels of yesterday’s half attempt. Yet, on mornings like […]