Dear Mississippi,

You were one of the first people I met in my early days as a companion. Apple juice, oatmeal, pancakes, eggs, and bacon: one plate, two plates, and a little extra. You needed a lot to sustain your enormous humanity.


“Mississippi, we don’t have any apple juice left.” Of course, some would settle for its more famous sister, orange juice, but your loyalty to apple juice was remarkable! I should have saved you a couple of glasses of apple juice every time ( I’ll be doing this in the future to honor some other friends’ favorite things).

They say we remember the people who saw us when we couldn’t see ourselves. You saw me in a unique way and brought something special in me that I didn’t know I had and can’t easily explain with words now that I’m so moved. Thank you for that! You made me feel so seen and appreciated. You helped me to bring back a sense of humor, companionship, and playfulness that had been dormant for a little while.

After weeks of knowing each other, I stopped being Laura and became “Pretty Lady.” “Good morning, Pretty Lady,” “How many boyfriends do you have, Pretty Lady?” “I have enough, Mississippi.” Your deep voice, infectious laughter, humor, and grumpy sweetness would make my day!

You would always sit at the table in the corner near the fireplace (a place you’d be loyal to till the end), take your time to eat slowly, and try the two daily desserts. Then, you’d take a nap and always say goodbye with those warm, brotherly hugs I’ll carry forever.

We’ll meet on the other side of the veil in dreams, love, connection, and laughter. You’re part of my heart; thank you for having walked this Earth so you could impact me.

“It was more than affection or gratitude. It was something deeper. It was the sense of being seen and loved exactly for who we were.” 

― Elise Broach, Masterpiece

Written by Laura Bernhein

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