Despite the chaotic nature of 2020, with many required changes to programming brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and frequent and distressing reminders that all is not well in our world, the Haywood Street Board of Directors maintained its focus on developing a 5-year strategic plan to guide us. Including input from staff, companions, community members and other key constituents, the plan was adopted in December 2020. It begins by affirming our community call to ‘Relationship, above all else’ and names five strategic directions to guide Haywood Street’s work during the period 2021 – 2025:

1. Take Care of HSC’s People & Grow the Organization’s Internal Infrastructure and Capacity– Focus on leadership succession, staff compensation, adequate staffing levels, nurturing companions, updating the facility, and strengthening the board of directors.

Key indicators of success

  • Adequate staffing levels
  • Staff & Companion satisfaction
  • Capital Improvements that continues to make the programs possible

2. Strengthen the Supporting Structures – Shore up the Companion Ministry, Mercy League and other supporting structures that enable us to operate the core programs in a way that honors and prioritizes relationships.

Key indicators of success

  • Companions feel engaged to the HSC mission post-COVID
  • Satisfaction about campus safety and how it is managed
  • A racial equity lens is considered in decision-making

3. Develop Housing – Support our start-up sister nonprofit, Haywood Street Community Development (HSCD), in transitioning to a fully staffed, independent organization – yet fully in sync with HSC.

Key indicators of success

  • HSCD is fully operational and functions interdependently with HSC
  • First housing development completed

4. Be Generative and Adaptive in Existing Programming –Evolve the Welcome Table, Respite, Fresco, and other programs to adapt to COVID and other challenges.

Key indicators of success

  • Welcome Table is seen as even more welcoming than before
  • Respite expands to serve more people
  • Worship continues to spiritually nurture a balance of housed and unhoused worshipers amidst the necessary COVID adaptations
  • Clothing closet gets its own dedicated space

5. Increase Financial Sustainability & Storytelling– Ensure diverse fundraising and strong communications to fulfill HSC’s mission in perpetuity.

Key indicators of success

  • Programs fully funded
  • Fully staffed development and communications teams


Many thanks to the 2020 HSC Board of Directors for their work on this plan:

Pamela Wright, Spark Foundation, Communications/Development
Joy Flora, Treasurer, UNC-A, Administrative Liaison
Terry Beamer, Haywood St. Companion
Nancy Bennett, The Foundry Hotel
Karen Cavagnini, Haywood St. Companion
Jonathan Daniels, Haywood St. Companion             
Heather Deifell, YMCA, Youth Dev Community Director
Michael Delude, Haywood St. Companion
McKenzie Dillingham, M.G. Dillingham Residential Construction
Bill Haggard, UNC-A, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs
Jeanette King, Mission Hospital
Luke Lingle, Central United Methodist Church
John Noor, Roberts & Stevens
George Pettus, Mtn 2 Sea Environmental LLC
Pamela Siekman, Haywood St. Companion
Allison Spruill, Disney Corporation
DianneSmith,Haywood St. Companion
Robert Stafford, Haywood St. Companion
Jim Swan Tuite, UNCA Visiting Scholar
Pat Wallenborn, Haywood St. Companion

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