A Gal Called Gina

by Gina Louise Rathbone

Let me tell you a story ‘bout a gal
toughly bread
She was left in the woods, but the Respite
kept her fed
Not only with food, but with love,
God, and respect.
They were there for her when everybody
done and left.
Giving this woman hope and back
good dreams.
You may see her fishing in the
Cherokee streams.
She got abused and hurt in every
But she couldn’t stop praying every
single day.
No holly roller at all but very
down to earth
And waiting on the Lord to bless
her again with birth.
Not with a child, but with goodness
and grace.
For the children given already left love
on her face.
They tell her God only give you
what he knows you can handle.
She’ll fight a battle way more than
Her name is Gina Louise Marie
Rathbone Lonely
Remain with her for she’s no
She’ll love you and stand by
your side.
But if you see her mess up in any kind
of way.
She’s a born sinner for that’s the way God
she was made.
Only God can judge good our sin.
Follow His word
and you’ll make it to Heaven.