Beth and Eva Hook


EvaBeth and Eva Hook practically ooze their love for the Haywood Street Respite.  The light in ten year old Eva’s eyes begins to glow when she speaks about one of her “favorite places in the whole world.”

The Hook family came to Haywood Street Congregation in April 2011.  Brian helped in the kitchen, Beth in the Clothing Closet and Eva ( 6 years old at the time) often took care of Penny, Brian Combs’ sweet little dog.

Beth, a Board member, “just knew the Respite would happen” even when it appeared that it would not.  She felt strongly that God would provide whatever was needed so that the doors would open and those who needed to be there would indeed have a place to heal.  She believes it was a “God thing”!

Beth and Eva are overnight companions at the Respite.  They usually stay one night each week and then Eva goes to school the next morning.  When asked what her job/service was she said  ” to love people, to make them feel loved and to let them know that God is with them. ”  WOW! She is ten years old and already living the Gospel!  Her smile and her beautiful shining brown eyes would help anyone feel better.

Eva says she has met some of her best friends in the Respite.  She and Beth have plans to meet with a Friend who left a few weeks ago.  Relationships.  There it is again, at the core of everything that happens at HSC.  This sweet ten year old girl is experiencing relationships that will impact her whole life, and those that spend time with her will be impacted by her open heart and the love that she so easily gives away.

Beth notes that she sees a transformation in  Friends who come to be cared for in the family like setting of the Respite.  As people begin to realize that they are not being judged, they relax, and drop their guard.  They begin to truly BE who they are and share their stories with one another.  It is a gift, Beth says to be part of that transformation.

It is oblivious that something much more than physical healing is taking place here. Respect, non judgement and abundant love are healing spirits and souls.

God’s Fascinating Grace. “Fascinating” is Eva’s word for what  it means to be a companion. “Grace” is the word Beth chose, and by that she means that she is the one receiving the Grace.

There is one more companion that Eva wanted to tell about….his name is Tucker and he is the LeDuc’s big black and white dog who is often seen in the Respite.  Eva believes that Tucker knows that he is in a very special place with very special people.  Tucker’s job is to bring unconditional love to our Respite Friends.  He does his job very well!

A busy working mother and wife, an adorable ten year old girl, and a dog who loves all people find themselves giving what they have to the Respite.  They give themselves.

Hopefully you will find your place in the Respite Ministry, whether you have two legs or four.  There is a place for you there.


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