Cherished supporter of the Haywood Street community, 

We are overwhelmed by the number of calls and messages, all asking one simple, yet profound, question: How can I help?

This week, Buncombe County announced that any federal, state, or local ordinance restricting gatherings or services does not apply to Haywood Street Congregation. In fact, Haywood Street is in the same category as hospitals and is considered a critical service provider because of its role in feeding the community. Our county is not only requesting that Haywood Street continue its food service but is counting on Haywood Street to do so.

Wishing to commit both to the feeding of the multitude and to public health and safety, we are implementing new, and constantly modified protocol. The Downtown Welcome Table has been converted into an outdoor, to-go dining service, providing more than 300 meals per feeding to the un-housed and in-need. We are assessing the gaps in local food security and attempting to increase the frequency and quantity of our meals as we are able.

So, to the question: How can I help?

Knowing the value of spending time at Haywood Street, the countless ways people give and receive within this community, and the financial strain most are fearing or experiencing at this time, these are two difficult, yet honest, answers to the question:

First – please stay home for now. Stay healthy, stay strong. We will need you as the current restrictions lift and on the glorious day when our doors, again, open wide.

Second – If you are able to make a monetary contribution, now is the time. In addition to countless hours of volunteer labor, the Downtown Welcome Table runs on funds raised through special events, corporate partner and individual donations, and the generosity of over fifty local partner restaurants. Currently, all of these sources of financial support are on-hold, in question or temporarily unavailable.

If you find yourself in the position to make a contribution, please use one of the following options:

Give online via:

Send checks via mail to: PO Box 2982 / Asheville, NC / 28802

*For reference, a $20 donation will feed 5 Friends experiencing homelessness and exceptional adversity during this time.

Dave Holland, Downtown Welcome Table Banquet Steward, has stated it simply. “Extraordinary times attract extraordinary people.” Thank you for being extraordinary. Thank you for taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Thank you for donating as you are able. 

Our deepest gratitude, 

The staff of Haywood Street Congregation