Have you been to the Clothes Closet lately at Haywood Street Congregation? Several weeks ago, Covenant UMC and Central UMC following a design by Phyllis Glahn from Mars Hill UMC installed new shelves and racks and hanging bars to display the clothes and linens. Because the place looked so nice, the Clothes Closet Companions thought a new name might be in order. Karla Jalocha from Mars Hill UMC suggested the winning entry in the discussion, Haywood Street Outfitters. The Companions thought that best captured our mission.

About the same time that Phyllis completed the new design, she decided to take some time off. I’m sure we’ll see her at Haywood Street because it is near and dear to her heart, but for now, she is stepping back from her duties as contact person. Linda McCracken will be stepping in for the summer so if you need anything from HS Outfitters, let her or any of the other Companions know your needs and they’ll put your request and name on the list and watch for the item or items. It is miraculous how things people need arrive after a request has been made. It has happened more than once and the Companions think of those times as God moments. A reminder: always check back with the Companions to see if the item or items have arrived.

We have lots of familiar faces at the Outfitters, but we’ll be welcoming new ones. Some will be temporary, part of work teams from all over the country, but some will be new permanent Companions. If you want to serve in the Outfitters, call the office and let Laura Kirby or Brian Hook know so they can give your name and contact information to Linda. There are two principal times for serving, on Tuesday afternoon and evening and on Wednesday during the activities and service at Haywood. Before new Companions begin work in any area of the ministry, we ask that you attend one of the many Orientations offered.