This Wednesday, a diverse group of folks came together for a very special Story Circle. In light of recent life events, Story Circle founder and facilitator, Barbara Bates Smith, has decided to make the big move to Washington DC — to be with her son and set sail on some new adventures.

Terry Beamer led the circle. Treats, including Marvin’s homemade cakes, were enjoyed at the beginning of the hour. As is custom, everyone had a turn to say, “Since you saw me last….” Everyone also had a turn to say what they wished for Barbara — simultaneously placing a small piece of sea glass into a crystal bowl. At some moments there was abundant laughter; at others, there was hardly a dry eye in the room. Each person, in their own way, expressed a deep gratitude for how profoundly Barbara has impacted their life.

Barbara had the floor for the last 15 minutes, and in that time, she presented the history of her theatrical performances and the impact that storytelling has had, and continues to have, on her life.

Barbara is a Haywood Street treasure. We are sending all of our love with her and can’t wait to hear the stories from her new chapter of life.

Thank you Barbara–for all that you do and all that you are.

Terry and Barbara

Maggie and Barbara

A small fraction of the people whose lives have been touched by Barbara

Barbara on stage!

So many wonderful pictures and old scripts we got to see

Marvin’s cake…yum

The crystal vessel, filled with wishes and presented to the one and only