Say hello to Cindy, or as she could be known, “Cindy with the radiant face and the smiling blue eyes!” She says she likes smiling and sharing the love of God — it is just a part of who she is.

Cindy has been without a permanent home for most of her life. She says she likes it that way and chooses to go wherever and whenever God guides her. She believes that God has a purpose for her life and that is to be with people on the street. She is known as “Mama” by most of the people who know her!

She and her daughter both got tattoos that say ‘promise’ on one of their little fingers. This reminds them that God has promised to always be with them wherever they go! A highlight in her life was when her daughter was baptized on New Year’s Eve. That must have been wonderful; we rejoice with you Cindy!

Please speak to Cindy when you see her — you will walk away with some of the “SONshine” that she so readily shares!

Keep on smiling with those beautiful blue eyes Cindy. We feel the warmth. (story contributed by Terry Beamer)