Surely these ladies must hang clothes in their sleep! Karla, Gina, and Phyllis, along with many others of our dedicated Clothing Closet companions, put in many hours of hard work transforming this part of our ministry into a well-organized, pleasant shopping experience for all who enter our doors. The intent is to communicate God’s abundant love and grace through simple details such as neatly folded pants, hung shirts, and freshly painted dressing rooms.

Phyllis spearheaded the recent remodeling of the space, involving volunteers from two local churches to help with the painting, shelf-hanging, and general reorganization of display racks and cabinets. The on-going work is intensive, involving constantly gathering and sorting through donated items, storing out-of-season things, and displaying current-season garments in an attractive manner. Companions are on hand each Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to help folks find what they need, and all items are free. We salute all of you who work to make this such a vital and well-received ministry.

Donations of clean, gently-used, in-season adult and children’s clothing are greatly appreciated and may be delivered when the building is open, or placed in the blue bin in our parking lot. To volunteer with the Clothing Closet or other Haywood Street ministries, please contact us at Haywoodstreetavl@gmail.com or 828-575-2477.