FullSizeRender (12)Haywood Street community – meet Debra! Deb is a new companion who has started helping in the kitchen for our Sunday Welcome Table ministry.

How long have you been a part of this community?
“I’ve been in Asheville for 25 years, but I’ve been coming to Haywood Street for the past 3 years. I was on the receiving end.”

Why are you a companion? What has brought you here?
“I just recently got my own apartment. One night I was saying my prayers and God let me know that Haywood Street Community is where I needed to be and help serve.”

Where do you help serve and how are you involved with Haywood Street?
“I serve in the kitchen at the Downtown Welcome Table. I help prepare and serve the food for the Sunday meal.”

Is there a story about your experience you would like to share?
“I helped someone in the community come to Haywood Street and they enjoyed the food and the camaraderie of the people here so much. Just being a part of the Haywood Street community is where I need to be. Pastor Brian had said a special prayer for me that I would find a permanent place to live. My whole life has changed in the past few months being associated with Haywood Street, finding a place to live, and being able to give back to the church and the community. It’s brought a lot of joy and happiness that I haven’t felt in many years.”

What is one of your favorite things to do when you’re not here?
“In the new community that I’m living in I volunteer my time dog walking and cooking for people in my community.”

What would you tell other people who don’t know about Haywood Street?
“I tell a lot of people about Haywood Street. They offer something for everybody and every walk of life. There is something for everybody here – prayer room, outfitters, acupuncture. Even if you don’t think you are close to God, Haywood Street is a good community for anyone to be a part of.”