Kat with her kids at Haywood Street during Christmas.

How long have you been a part of this community?
One and a half years

Why are you a companion? Why are you here?
I started coming because my Journey Group volunteers once a month, but just kept coming each week because I enjoy it so much. I want my children to see what life is like for people in all walks of life and live out the values we talk about.  I believe in the mission of Haywood Street.

Where do you help serve and how are you involved with Haywood Street?
I work the Welcome Table, mostly on Wednesdays.  Usually I am in the kitchen, but help in the dining room too.

Is there a story about your  experience you would want to share?
Helping out in the kitchen, Mary Littlejohn calls me her “mess” perhaps because I tend to tease and play while working.  We laugh a lot. For some reason she also thinks I am the official “bread girl.” That may have to do with all of the bread I taste test for her.

What is one of your favorite things to do when you’re not here?
I love to be with my family because my kids are growing up too fast.  I like to do crafts, read, go for walks, and hang out with friends.

What would you tell other people who don’t know about Haywood Street?
You just have to come and experience it to know how wonderful it is.  It is called the church of Holy Chaos because while it doesn’t move in a linear, organized fashion, it is coordinated in a loving, joyous, God-like Holy Chaos that welcomes everyone.