Hi Gardening Companions,

It is hard to believe that this Wednesday is supposed to be 80  degrees after this gloomy, cold, Monday but that is what weatherman says so it should be a nice workday!

We got plenty done last Wednesday thanks to help from Doug, Heather, Pope, and Joan.

All of our cool weather crops are now planted, so we have to next prepare the garden to receive the warm season veggies and flowers that we will be receiving from Banner Greenhouses and Lotus Farm and Garden.

We are hoping on Wednesday to have a thorough inspection of our beehive and possibly split the hive.


Steve Frowine, Haywood Street Garden Lead


Upcoming Gardening Tasks:

1. Sterilize the rain cistern with bleach to get it ready for the garden season.

2. Continue to clean up the garden areas.

3. Prune fruit trees and grapes.

4. Make raked raised beds for rest of veggie garden.

5. Reset strawberries.

6. Add compost to the upper terrace. 

7. Reconnect water lines at the main faucet.

8. Fertilize grape and fruit trees.

9. Fertilize cool season veggies.

10. Finish supports for tomatoes

11. Erect Trellis for cucumbers