After suffering a very cold spring, we are all hoping this warm weather is here to stay!

All of our cool season crops—lettuce, peas, collards, onion, and kale are planted and growing well. Check out our red lettuce, it’s beautiful! FYI, we have labeled all the rows of our veggies with names in English and Spanish.

We have been working the last few weeks getting the soil ready and putting up trellises for our soon-to-be-planted, warm season crops—tomatoes, okra, peppers, cucumbers and squash. We are planting more squash than usual this year to fulfill our pledge to Dave to contribute some of our produce to the Welcome Table.

The Haywood Honeybees made it through the winter and have been busy collecting honey and pollen.

The front and side flower gardens are also showing new life with the flowering azaleas and stately purple Dutch Iris. We hope you enjoy their beauty.

We invite any of you who are interested to join us in the garden, Wednesdays 10 am to noon.

-Steve Frowine, Garden Lead