Experiencing the wonderful diversity that is HSC is one of our many blessings of participation there. Such colorful folks as Cherokee, Kristina, Toni, Howard, Rage, Julian, Terrace, Janet, and a large host of others, have brought zest, inspiration, and enrichment.
     Our Pastor, Brian Combs, strongly believes that we cannot afford to put limits on God’s grace, that all are God’s children, and all are welcome at the Table. Young or old, drunk or sober, gay or straight, pierced, tattooed, black, white, yellow, green, or polka dot – all are welcomed with complete acceptance, unconditional love, and the good news of God’s unlimited grace. An article in one of our newsletters states,  “The kingdom of God is like the community gathering at Haywood Street – all kinds of people – all kinds of labels – but only one that really matters:  Beloved child of God.  All broken and beautiful.  All sinner and saint…”
     Luke Lingle, former associate pastor at Central UMC, once preached a sermon on the Parable of Prodigal Son. In it he said, “Some identify as the wayward son, some as the older brother, but in the end we are to strive to become like the Father.  Our creative God made us all with different faces, but we are all His children…” Being involved at Haywood Street definitely expands horizons — and causes us to redefine the word ‘love.’

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