Haywood St. Updates For The Week of May 16th, 2022

Haywood St. Updates For The Week of May 16th, 2022




Memorial Service for Angelia Frank
Sunday, May 22
11am in the Sanctuary. 

Angel Frank was a long time member of this community. Her loss is felt by many. Her spirit and soul lives on in the Haywood Street Fresco – an angel with wings – broken and soaring.

For the past month or more, Theirs is the Kingdom – the documentary on the Haywood Street Fresco – has been showing on PBS stations throughout the country. Please mark your calendars and check your local listings for next week, Theirs is the Kingdom will air on Asheville’s local stations.


  • UPCOMING: Mark your calendars for a Companion Fellowship Event Tuesday on June 21 in the dining room 5:00pm-7:00pm. Dinner will be provided! More information to come.
  • Art Room Companions Needed! – The I Am Home Art Project is in need of weekly companions. Click here to learn more about the project and how you can get involved!
  • To provide a meal for our friends and staff in Respite, sign up on the Meal Train.  Additionally, Respite is continuously seeking companions to be in Respite and spend time with our friends. If you are interested, please let Katlyn know!
  • NEW MINISTRY UPDATES – Starting the week of May 1
    • Sunday Bible Study – 11:00am in the sanctuary
    • Tuesday Prayer Group – 12:00 in the sanctuary – Gather for a time of communal prayer
    • Thursday Card Making Group – 10:00am in Room 1 (off the main lobby) – Gather together to make cards for our community and friends in prison or in the hospital.
  • Next Companion Orientation this Monday June 6 at 5:00pm in the sanctuary – Do you know someone that might be interested in joining the companion team? Please remind them of our monthly welcome orientation. Register here: https://fb.me/e/1B5vIrdlG

Sharing the Stories within the Fresco
by April

Over the past several months I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the Haywood Street Fresco with many people who have come to see it because they’ve seen the documentary, Theirs Is the Kingdom. As they enter the sanctuary they are awed by the scale of the artwork. As they move closer, they seek out the models who share part of their story in the film. “Is that Charlie?” “This must be Robert.” “Show me Rachel.” Conversations from there vary. Some want to dig deep into the art process while others want to know more about the ministries of Haywood Street. Wherever their curiosity leads, I know it started for them with watching the documentary.

I marvel at the convergence of the two art forms, fresco and film: how Christopher Holt and fellow artists agreed to have their arduous process recorded, and how the models agreed to have a part of their lives woven into the narrative. After being drawn from life, they went on camera to tell their story. While plaster and pigment make their life visible, the art of the film amplifies their voice. I’m grateful for the faith they had in both painters and filmmaker. Their courage is our gain as their stories bring us closer to what it means to be human, and the knowledge that we are all God’s children figuring out life together.

Chris Zaluski has shared that his life was changed by the time he spent here at Haywood Street, and by the hours and hours spent editing and creating Theirs Is the Kingdom. His skill as a journalist and his heart as a storyteller are evident. Now as the film is on the verge of premiering on PBS all over the country, I hope that viewers will be open to seeing and listening in new ways to people in their own communities, and that they will be encouraged to learn more about art, faith, and the holy work that is done here at Haywood Street.

 Take a Virtual Tour of the Fresco at https://psclient11169.philanthrosphere.com/