Haywood Street Updates for the Week of May 30, 2022

Haywood Street Updates for the Week of May 30, 2022




Reminder! Our next companion orientation will be this Monday, June 6th, at 5:00 pm in the sanctuary.

We invite everyone to participate with Western North Carolina’s Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense by wearing orange June 3rd-June 5th. A group will gather outside the Hendersonville Court House June 4th from 12 pm-2 pm and at Hi-Wire River Arts District June 5th from 3 pm-5 pm. More information is available at wearorange.org and momsdemandaction.org

Remember to stop by French Broad Chocolates and enjoy some goodies! Through June, funds raised from the sale of their bumper stickers are being donated to Haywood Street Respite.

SAVE THE DATE! This year’s Golf for Awareness tournament is set for September 16th. More information to follow soon.


  • Next Companion Orientation this Monday June 6 at 5:00pm in the sanctuary – Do you know someone that might be interested in joining the companion team? Please remind them of our monthly welcome orientation. Register here: https://fb.me/e/1B5vIrdlG
  • UPCOMING: Mark your calendars for a Companion Fellowship Event Tuesday on June 21 in the dining room 5:00pm-7:00pm. Dinner will be provided! More information to come.
  • Art Room Companions Needed! – The I Am Home Art Project is in need of weekly companions. Click here to learn more about the project and how you can get involved!
  • NEW MINISTRY UPDATES – Starting the week of May 1
    • Sunday Bible Study – 11:00am in the sanctuary
    • Tuesday Prayer Group – 12:00 in the sanctuary – Gather for a time of communal prayer
    • Thursday Card Making Group – 10:00am in Room 1 (off the main lobby) – Gather together to make cards for our community and friends in prison or in the hospital.

An Invitation to the Table by Mark Windham

I had never heard of the Haywood Street Congregation until 2018. My brother, Adam, had finished his undergraduate studies and was looking for a gap year opportunity that aligned with his interests and career path. When Adam accepted the position of Community Resident Intern at Haywood, little did I know how much his year of living in Holy Chaos would impact my entire family.

During Adam’s time (June, 2018-May, 2019), our family was able to visit, serve and get to know the wonderful staff and individuals who make up this unique church. I was amazed at the work being done on many levels. I particularly enjoyed learning about the Downtown Welcome Table and liked when I could assist there in any way. It was amazing to see such a warm, welcoming, and respectful embrace to all who entered the church’s doors. When Adam’s internship ended and then COVID emerged, our family’s ability to visit was limited, but I never forgot what I witnessed at Haywood.

I just finished my fourth year at East Carolina University and will complete my studies next May. This past spring semester I was enrolled in a Documentary Production course. As a semester-long project, we were tasked with writing, editing, and producing a short documentary which was to be five to seven minutes long. Having had this professor in previous classes, I learned that the best stories to be told are the ones with great depth. The Downtown Welcome Table immediately came to my mind.  It certainly is a meaningful story to be told.

Over my spring break in March, I came to Haywood on Sunday and Wednesday to interview and film the Welcome Table. It was a learning experience on many levels. Most importantly, I wanted to be respectful to the staff, companions, and community members. I was fortunate that so many people agreed to be interviewed and treated me with such acceptance even though I am not a professional videographer. I ended up having too much material to include in my short documentary, but none of what I recorded will be wasted as I plan to do a longer version of this story.

Once the documentary was completed, as promised, I sent a link to the church staff.  They were most gracious in their response, and I deeply appreciated that Steve, Laura, Brian, Dave, and the others allowed me to film and produce this video. I also appreciated Ben’s advice and kind words along the way. This was my first ever attempt to make a documentary, and I wanted to make them proud. Ultimately, I am honored that what began as a class project has been shared by the church and others to help promote the Downtown Welcome Table and its mission. I titled my video “Come to the Table,” and I genuinely hope my work did justice to Haywood’s vision that all are truly welcome to come to the table.

To view Mark’s documentary, click the link: https://youtu.be/RjZHgA8bh5c