A portion of last night’s HSC Board meeting almost seemed like a replay of the “Old Fashioned Revival Hour.” As part of our strategic planning survey process, board members were invited to give input, and were asked to share specifically instances when we feel we have experienced God at Haywood Street. Answers were many and varied, but all agreed that we experience God’s presence in special ways every time we are here — in the smiles, the hugs, the affirmation of loving care and concern, the prayers before meals, moments of worship both in the dining room and in the sanctuary, in the abundance of God’s material provisions for the ministry, and as George said, “Even every time I open the refrigerator door in the kitchen!” It was truly at time of warm and wonderful fellowship, another experience of “God’s kingdom on earth,” and we want all of you to know that we truly are, first and foremost, seeking God’s leadership as we try to plan for the future at HSC.

Again, George has spoken for all of us in his morning prayer:

“Father thank you for new fallen snow, as it reminds me that we start each day anew and washed in your love, grace and forgiveness. It also lets me know who is in control. Thank you for a wonderful meeting last night among such close and loving friends. I am truly blessed by the people you put in my life, and I thank you Father. I thank you for your guidance, for the direction you impart upon us, for the support you give us each day, for the way you bless us so that we might be a blessing for others, but most of all for the love you surround us with each and every day. Truly this is your kingdom on earth. Thank you for opening the door for me, and inviting me in. The most wonderful thing is that that door is open for everyone that I know and don’t know yet, so Father, make sure I get the opportunity to invite them. Thank you Father, thank you for your love and grace.”