Humble Hairdressers is a group of local professional stylists who offer their time on Wednesdays at Haywood Street giving haircuts.  From their Facebook page:  “We are lucky as stylists to make a good living doing what we love, now it’s time to give back. Humans unite!!!!”

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The Humble Hairdressers were inspired by the faithful companions Leigh, Sharon, Joanne, Jan and Carl, who have offered this service at Haywood St. for years, giving between 30 and 40 haircuts most weeks —  in excess of 5,000 haircuts since the ministry started in January of 2013!

The motto of Humble Hairdressers is:  Shifting perception, one haircut at a time. Not only are they sharing their incredibly valuable gifts with our community, they are joining in our mission to break down barriers that divide and honor the sacred worth in every person. What a blessing.