TOGETHER is at the heart of our mission statement:  Relationship, above all else.

This is why our approach to Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week – a national campaign seeking to draw attention to these problems and their solutions – is to shine a light on the ways in which local nonprofits and faith communities are working TOGETHER with city and county staff to address hunger and homelessness in Asheville.  

There is much to celebrate in the individual work of each organization and in our shared effort to respond to challenges related to hunger and homelessness including mental illness, addiction, racism, economic inequality and more. The shared effort includes:


        • Meeting regularly to explore opportunities for collaboration,

        • Co-locating services where possible, and

        • Working to eliminate unnecessary duplication of resources.

It also includes recognizing each organization’s unique approach AND acknowledging that we all need each other.

Relationship, above all else.

To learn more about participating organizations, browse the calendar of events for Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week in Asheville.

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