Hi fellow garden companions,

FINALLY, we are looking forward to a Wednesday workday with decent weather. This March has been COLD!

Last week Steve Swearingen and I worked on weeding, adding compost to the second level terrace, and raking up raised beds in preparation for planting our cool-season vegetables, which will be very soon.

 Last week, Steven Bryan and I met with Katey Rudd, the cultivator at Haw Creek Commons to discuss and plan for cooperation together. They are putting up a hoop house that we will be sharing in order to grow some of our plants for the garden.

Thanks to those of you who donated tools. They are appreciated and will be well used.

-Steve Frowine, Garden Lead


Upcoming Gardening Tasks:

Sterilize the rain cistern with bleach to get it ready for the garden season.

Clean up the garden shed and garden grounds.

Prune fruit trees and grapes.

Make raked raised beds for rest of veggie garden.

Mulch rows with straw.

Reset strawberries.

Add compost to the upper terrace.

Cut back ornamental grass.

 Reconnect water lines at the main faucet.

 Mow the lawn areas around the garden.

 Weed Butterfly Garden.