What is so exciting, is seeing our beIMG_8476-2loved Haywood Street community in
partnership with people and organizations outside of itself. As Steve Frowine has been preparing the earth and seeds for our new community garden, he has also been forming amazing relationships with people, businesses and organizations, near and far. One very special partnership is the one forming between Haywood Street and our young friends just over the foot bridge at Issac Dickson Elementary. Joan Pinegar leads the school’s garden program, and together, she and Steve are creating ways in which we can support one another in all things abundant.

IMG_8486-2Last week, excess bounty was brought over from Haywood Street’s kitchen to Issac Dickson’s exploratory kitchen. Fresh fruits and vegetables were displayed and children from all grades went “grocery shopping,” each child taking home a bag of fresh produce for the weekend.

We look forward to having these students visit; to show them the bees we’ll be keeping, to exchange garden tips, and to support each other in special events.

There seems to be endless possibilities when you start digging in the dirt!