Reservations to the Downtown Welcome Table beginning 8/29/2018

After continuing to listen to the feedback of the community, we are going to try a “reservation plan.” 
How this will work: 
-Everyone can pick up reservations for the seating of their choice outside at the Welcome Wagon.
-Each reservation’s color will correlate with a particular seating, you will see boards up that match the time and color each Sunday and Wednesday. 
-Please allow folks 10 minutes to get to their reservation time, this plan allows friends to shop, be social outside, and ultimately not be glued to their seat in the hospitality room. 
-We will need companions to commit to helping us at the Welcome Wagon. Please let Mark know if you are able to do this. Wed: 8:30-12:45, Sunday 11:15-2:45. 
-As always, when we try new things remember that we are aiming to be faithful, not perfect. There will be bumps along the way, if you have feedback please use the new comment boxes around campus to leave feedback.