East Fork Pottery makes the beautiful, handcrafted plates we eat off of at the Downtown Welcome Table. Now, they’re going above and beyond to keep the Haywood Street community fed. Please take a moment to watch this inspiring video. Between now and Wednesday, $5 enters you for a chance to win a custom pot made by Alex Matisse. More tickets = more entries. Five random winners will be announced Thursday morning. Purchase your tickets today!

A wonderful article via Wired, featuring quotes from Rev. Brian Combs. More…

Our Friends move “home” today. Please click here to read the inspiring story of how this came to be.


1. While we are still trying to figure out the Haywood Street version of online worship, please feel invited to share in this prayer time with Father Mike

2. Call for newsletter reflections! One way we can stay connected during this time is by sharing stories of Holy Chaos and the Haywood Street we love so much. Please feel invited to submit your reflection by email to Brook (brook@haywoodstreet.org).

3. “For They Were Afraid” — sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 4/5/2020



Hey Would (Haywood) You

(For Haywood Street Congregation, April 2020). Words & Music copyright ©2020 by Brian Claflin

sometimes I’ve gotta hold my hand out, for a little silver or green

I might just be saying good morning, but I’d settle for just being seen

hardly a soul that’s out there will even give me the time of day

I’m headed down to the West edge of town, and this morning I’ve just gotta say

Haywood you lend a hand

Haywood you give me a fair shake

Haywood you try to understand

Haywood you give a brother a break 

I’ve never been big on charity, It just makes me feel small

don’t need to take a vow of poverty, I’ve already got nothing at all

most folks keep their distance, giving me more than my personal space

I think I’m gonna need shelter, before I can shelter in place
Haywood you look me in the eye

Haywood you help for goodness’ sake

Haywood you give me a smile

Haywood you give a sister a break

well I never shook the hand of the man upstairs, but I’ve heard the chairman of the board

if there’s a song I can sing it, maybe even swing it, lord only knows the ways of the Lord
some swear the spirit’s working through us, and a few of us lack faith

but as long as many hands make light work, what does it matter if it’s grit, or grace?

Haywood you stand by me           

Haywood you serve up a hot plate

Haywood you show me kindness

Haywood you give a neighbor a break

Haywood you listen to my story

Haywood you forgive me when I make a mistake

Haywood you love – me for who I am

Haywood you give a neighbor a break 

Haywood you give a sister a break

Haywood you give a brother a break