A teary send off for Dustin — Haywood Street friend and Ministerial
Intern. We give thanks for all that he and Ben brought to Haywood Street
this summer and we look forward to seeing them again soon!
Thank you Zaxby’s!
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– Flower gardening with Robert Thursday 9-12
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(This is an email sent from Haywood Street friend, Marlena, to Pastor Brian. We asked Marlena if we could share this with our community and her response was “Yes…it gives me such relief in general to be where I’m at but [also] to be able to share my story….so places like Haywood Street Church stay around.”)


Hello! It’s Lae La, or Lae Lae, or whatever…

My real name is Marlena.

I don’t know if you remember me? I was Strap’s girlfriend at one time.

I just want to let you and everyone at Haywood Street Church know that I am alive and better than I’ve ever been in my life. I was accepted back into my parents home in March. WITH MY PUPPY BEAU!

My dad came down to find me after I finally starting calling more often begging to come home.

I went to a detox and rehab when I first got home but I got kicked out after a week in a half. People were bullying me so I tried to intimidate them by throwing a glass at the wall. I guess some of my Savage ways from the streets were still in me.

Anyways, my dad picked me up and brought me home. They wanted to send me away to a year long program. Like they always do. Although, I had the conviction that I was ready to stay sober and would be successful.

I told them early on when my father picked me up that when I was in jail back in October I was born again. I knew because I had a sense of peace I never had before. My chest was always filled with doom…I was always running from the feeling doing anything to get rid of it.

Although, how I got into jail, my experience in there, and leaving was unmistakably the Divine intervention of God. As well as all the processes that took place after and into the process into returning home.

The processes were my journey with God…and I knew that He saved my life. When everyone else was getting worse around me I just kept getting better and better. In weakness, is God’s strength.

So nowadays I have been nearly four months sober.

Although, the difference is who I have been totally to my parents and everyone around me. I am reborn. I have completely evolved. I have an absolutely amazing relationship with my parents these days. I’m picking up my first car with my dad in 20 minutes. I am going on a wilderness Christian adventure camp hiking the Adirondacks for two weeks on the 10th. Then I’m starting college at Gordon College in Hamilton, MA to become a youth minister. Although, I might study global ministries.

I read Proverbs in the morning, Psalms at night. As well as 6 other devotionals throughout the day. I pray to God to set my intentions for most things I do. I pray to God to thank him for his abundance, peace, love, and joy everlasting that I have now.

I want to thank you especially but really everyone at Haywood Street Church for being angels in my life. My mother prayed for angels to watch over, gaurd, and protect me.

Maybe y’all didn’t do that literally, but the presence of the church physically and yall’s community made me feel that way…especially during a couple really dark months when I stayed on the property and was so shook up by everyone and everything around me. I felt really safe there.

I was acting coocoo bananas without even being on anything during that time. I often purposely acted insane to scare other people away from messing with me or hurting me. Although, after a while it becomes a little reality I must admit.

No matter what I acted like tho, it didn’t make a difference how y’all treated me.  With respect, dignity, compassion, kindness, graciousness, mercy, forgiveness, and love. Greatest of all though, Haywood Street gave me faith.

Most Sincerely,

P.S. attatched photo is me and Beau when I got accepted to college! We are jumping for joy in my mom’s boutique she bought when I was away. Now I get to be part of this mother daughter dreamed I never even could’ve dreamed of!!!!!

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