This week we were blessed with a delicious meal prepared by Marco’s, Luella’s and Geraldine’s Bakery.
Thrive is a local pre-school whose summer camps have centered around community service. On Tuesday, a group of five and six year olds came to Haywood Street Respite, shared baked cookies, played board games with our friends and experienced the service of ‘being with.’


1. Click HERE for Haywood Street Congregation parking options.2. Registration for the third annual Golf for Awareness is now open! CLICK HERE to learn more!

3. Haywood Street Respite would love more companions! Please contact Emily Bentley for more information. (emily@haywoodstreet.org)

4. Free Food Market! More information here.

5. Irritating Jesus, Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 8/16/17

Make a gift to Haywood St.

Act One (Prior to finding Haywood Street Respite)

Feeling empty. Bare, vacant, hollow. Alone. Like nobody cares.
Feeling sick. Cold. Like I’m going to die.
No money, job, insurance or way to turn.
Having nowhere to go. Homeless. No food, shelter; totally exposed to the elements.
Wondering what else life has in store for me. How much more of this can I take?
Is this the long road to death? Is this what the end of my life will be?
Humbled. Wanting to be grateful … but seeing nothing to be grateful for.

Act Two (Arriving at Haywood Street Respite)

Warm. Kindly, heartfelt. Safe. Loving.
Care from caring people, who have no reason to care beyond helping others.
Repair. Upkeep, Maintenance. Attention. Devotion. Thoughtfulness.
Shaking off the cold. Trying to regain my humanity. Going to “Story Circle.” Feeling part of something bigger and part of a bigger circle of people. Soaking up the sympathy; trying to return some.

Act Three (Rejoining the world after Haywood Street Respite)

Reborn. Rejuvenation. Coming back into society; community.
Hope. Faith. A feeling that something good may lay ahead for me.

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