It has been a hot, humid, and wet summer. Yesterday’s Clothing Closet was very busy as our friends sought dry clothing after the steady downpour of this week’s rain. This is the time for Abundant Grace as summer is hanging on. Your contribution today makes a difference for many. Please give @ https://haywoodstreet.org/abundantgrace/


1. We have a current opening for Minister of Congregational Care and Mission. Learn more HERE

2. Please join us under the tent at 12:30 on Sunday August 29 as we welcome Rev Elizabeth (Liz) Magill. Pastor Liz will share an excerpt from her book Five Loaves, Two Fish, Twelve Volunteers: Growing A Relational Food Ministry.  The book offers stories from eight congregations that share ministry with the people they serve, and shows how your congregation can do the same. Building relationships and inviting people to volunteer helps to create church. Ask questions about the people she has met, share what is happening at your meal or pantry, and get advice on next steps for creating a more relational ministry.

3. Worship: Wednesdays at 12:30 in the parking lot. Watch the livestream on Facebook.

4. Two upcoming training events for specific high-priority needs:  Dish room training on 8/24 at 2 pm and Respite driver training on 8/25 at 2 pm.

5. Parking options


1. Sign up to provide a meal for Respite here

2. Companion gathering scheduled for Thursday, August 26th has been rescheduled for Sept 9th. Details to follow.

click here for all current companion needs!


Around 12 years ago my life was forever changed and set on a different path by a meeting with Brian Combs.  At the time, I was in Seminary and had one goal in mind for my future-to be a campus minister.  I got in touch with Brian because at the time he was serving as the Campus Minister at UNCA and I wanted to get involved.  We met on a Tuesday evening and he invited me the next day to the first service for a new church he was starting—Haywood Street.  To be completely honest, I’m not sure if at that time I had ever talked to anyone who was experiencing homelessness.  I certainly didn’t think that this would become my passion in life-my calling.  But something about the experience at Haywood Street forever changed me and I knew that whatever I did it had to be with those experiencing homelessness.  So that’s what I did and spent the last 10 years working at Homeward Bound. My experience at Homeward Bound taught me so much about the complexities of homelessness and gave me a deep passion for ending homelessness through supportive housing.  But, there was always something tugging at me to be back in a faith based setting where the goal was just relationships.

After the crazy last year I was just tired and began to think that I might need a change.  I saw the post for the Director of Facilities and Operations at Haywood Street and over the next few weeks kept going back and looking at it.  It was an odd position for me to be interested in-I’m not that handy!  But there was one line in the job description that kept drawing me in, “to create order out of chaos”.  I kept thinking, that’s me!  That’s what I do!  Luckily it all worked out and I’m back at Haywood Street.  In many ways feeling like I’m coming home-back to where this journey for me started for me and excited to see where the journey leads from here.