Thank you Astral for another incredibly generous donation of shoes!

We have so appreciated the gifts of our summer intern, Hannah, and her husband, Patrick. This week we offered them our blessings as they set sail on their next big adventure. We look forward to all of their future Haywood Street visits!

In other “goodbye for nows,” we wished our dear friend, Margaret, a joyful and easy transition into her new role as Senior Interim Pastor at University Presbyterian Church in Chapel Hill. Margaret has given so much to Haywood Street and has led such beautiful Communions. We hope she swings by Haywood Street as often as possible.



1. Click HERE for Haywood Street Congregation parking options.

2. Registration for the third annual Golf for Awareness is now open! CLICK HERE to learn more!

3. Haywood Street Respite would love more companions! Please contact Emily Bentley for more information. (emily@haywoodstreet.org)

4. Follow Your Fury, Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 8/23/17


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Ishmael came to Haywood Street Respite just over a week ago. His Diabetes needed to be regulated and all of his helath care providers kept saying Respite would be the best environment for him to have some healing time and space.

Ishmael says he appreciates Respite so much because of how the staff values the health of everyone who walks through the door. “They are excellent, to say the least.” He says that if you are willing to engage, you have the opportunity to be part of an incredibly supportive community here. “Respite can give you a push in the right direction. That’s what it has done for me.”

As Ishmael shares his Respite experience with me, he also shares the exciting news, that after a two year wait, he has been approved for housing. He is beaming, and grateful and looking forward to all of the potential that lies ahead.

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