We give our thanks for UNC Asheville Dining who prepared a beautiful
Wednesday meal. We also give our praise to Warren Wilson College
who prepared and delivered Sunday’s meal before the snow began.
This year’s Asheville Homeless Persons’ Memorial Service will be held at
Haywood Street. All are welcome to attend.


1. Remember Haywood Street merchandise makes great holiday gifts and supports our core ministries!

2. Click here to view our 2018 Annual Update

3. Do you have an extra car that needs to find a new home? Imagine how difficult your life would be without a car! Working Wheels repairs and recycles donated cars, transforming them into working wheels for working families. The process is simple and the donation is tax deductible, plus your donation benefits local nonprofits whose clients need these cars. We also need volunteer drivers and mechanics. To donate or volunteer, please call (828) 633-6888 or visit www.workingwheelswnc.org.


For more information about any of the following, please contact Hannah, Haywood Street Companion Coordinator, at hannah@haywoodstreet.org or 828.575.2477 [ext. 106].
Important Upcoming Holiday Events:
      December 21 – Turkey and Ham prep 8am-3pm
      December 22 – Side Dish Prep 8am-3pm
      December 23 – Christmasville prep beginning 8am
      December 25 – Meal Prep 8am-10:00am
      January 7 – Companion Orientation 5:00pm
      January 10 – “Un-deck the Halls”

Clothing Closet:

Prep: 10-noon Tuesday and Thursdays
Current needs: winter coats, base layers, men’s/women’s underwear
Click here to prepare a meal for Respite!
The following dates are needed:
December 17
December 24
December 26
December 27
December 28 
December 31
January 1
January 2 

Commodity Runs: We are seeking folks to help fill in for the Saturday night Trader Joe’s run as well as the Tuesday morning Walmart run. Please let Hannah know if you are interested.

Make a gift to Haywood St.


Q. Soleil, you’ve been coming to Haywood Street for almost two years now. Have you found yourself a best friend?
A. Yes. I love Robert. 

Q. What do you love so much about Robert?
A. He’s so nice and funny and kind and caring.

Q. What do you learn about love when you go to worship at Haywood Street?
A. It is one of the strongest things on Earth.

Q. Why do you love going to Haywood Street?
A. Because I get to meet so many good people and see people I love and it’s a very fun place to be.

Q. How does it make you feel to see people who don’t have a home?
A. Sad for them, but it makes me notice how lucky I am to have my own home.

Q. Is there anything at Haywood Street you would change?
A. Ummmmm. No. I like Haywood Street the way it is.

Q. How do you feel when you walk into the dining room and see so many friends eating together?
A. It makes me feel good because it shows me people are taking care of themselves.

Q. Do you think Jesus hangs out at Haywood Street?
A. Yes because….well…there’s so many kind people there and so I think Jesus would want to hang around them. Especially Robert.

Q. Does anything scare you at Haywood Street?
A. Just the fact that people can have reactions with a lot of bad words and things you shouldn’t really say. Like today—-I heard a fight that was filled with very bad words.

Q. Why do you think people get to the point of using those words sometimes?
A. Well, probably on accident…because they get angry and just flip their lid and can’t help it.

Q. What is your hope for Haywood Street in the coming year?
A. I hope everyone stays safe and is kind and healthy.