A reminder that Christmas Day and New Years Day are both “normal” Haywood Street days with business as usual. Also, the Haywood Street Fresco will keep its usual viewing hours next week, so if you have folks visiting for the holidays, bring them by to see it!

Meet Erin! Erin provides American Sign Language Interpretation on Wednesdays during worship service. This is such a gift to our community!

Click here to access a letter from Hannah regarding Haywood Street orientations in 2020 — a new effort aimed at helping folks understand what goes on at Haywood Street and how they can become a Companion if they choose to!


1. Tonight! Holiday FUNdraiser hosted by Town & Mountain Realty.

2. December 22: The Christmas Kickback fundraiser! More…

3. December 31 DEADLINE for the 2020 Community Residency position at Haywood Street. Learn more and apply here!

4. DECEMBER SPECIAL! Until the end of this year, when you buy one piece of Haywood Street merchandise, another piece is donated to a Haywood Street friend (at no additional charge to you). T-shirts, hats and patches can be viewed and purchased in office 8 or ordered online. Limited sizes and quantities available, so get yours today!



Haywood is chaos but the good kind
Haywood is right around the corner and easy to find
Haywood is a place for the weary, hurt and blind
Haywood is rest when you have walked a many heavy of miles
Haywood is hugs, handshakes and plenty of bright smiles
Haywood is the clothing closet when you have nothing to wear
Haywood is a church who will give you kindness and truly will care
Haywood is believing in you when you don’t believe in yourself
Haywood is condiments that are always on the top shelf
Haywood is love when you had a tough week
Haywood is servants that are always humble and very meek
Haywood is gardens that grow salad for us to eat
Haywood is trying to help you get back on your feet
Haywood is a communion where you take the bread and juice
Haywood is a refuge when you are trying to make a truce
Haywood is service to you two times a week
Haywood is finally reaching the top of your peek
Haywood is peace when you want to run and hide
Haywood is where patience, joy and truth abide

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